Summer Beauty: The Focus

Summer Beauty: The Focus

Posted by FolicaBeauty on Jul 6th 2022

When it comes to summer beauty, effortless, minimal beauty is always in style (and easy to do)! 

Let your lashes and brows do the talking. Shiny, thick lashes and bold brows speak for themselves.

                                                                           Photo Credit: @valeriaandersson

Thin eyelashes and eyebrows? Weak eyelashes? Sparse brows? Let's get the lashes and brows you love!

FolicaBeauty's LashesMD Eyelash Growth Serum & Conditioner promotes fuller eyelashes, stronger and healthier

eyelashes (and brows!). No glue - works with your own natural eyelashes.

LashesMD's nourishing formula is specifically designed to help eyelash growth and promote strong lashes as well as 

increases flexibility allowing lashes to reach their full potential - strong, healthy and full looking lashes! 

Prostaglandin & paraben free, LashesMD is a unique eyelash (and eyebrow) enhancing formula that includes

botanical extracts, herbs, SymPeptide Xlash, and rejuvenating amino acids to foster growth and lashes to

love! For the full list of ingredients...

                                                    Photo Credit: @jonathanarenaphoto

No glue. No appointments. Just apply LashesMD once a day, at nighttime - it works with your natural eyelashes!

Find out more about FolicaBeauty's LashesMD Eyelash Growth Serum & Conditioner. Go Ahead, Lash Out!

Ready Brows?

For brows that say "hello", meet FolicaBeauty's HowNowBrowMD Conditioning Tinted Liquid Eyebrow Pen.

HowNowBrowMD delivers immediately bolder brows, while helping brows grow fuller and thicker.

                                                  Photo Credit: @jonathanarenaphoto

Prostaglandin & Paraben free, HowNowBrowMD's long-lasting, easy-to-use, ultra-smooth 4-point tip provides

meticulously natural-looking brows. Clinically proven ingredients, including peptides, vitamins, amino acids and

botanicals, help strengthen and grow your brows. HowNowBrowMD delivers a smooth, silky formula for fuller,

flawless brows! For the full list of ingredients...

Available in 4 buildable shades, let's you go as light or as bold as you like! Create brow trends, use multiple shades

and achieve immediately bolder, beautiful brows...all while helping your brows grow strong and full! Shade color does

not fade or transfer.

Find out more about FolicaBeauty's HowNowBrowMD Conditioning Tinted Liquid Eyebrow Pen. Brows That Say Wow!