Eyelash TLC

Eyelash TLC

Posted by Lisa Bookman on Jan 27th 2021

We know the paramount importance of a healthy diet, staying active and hydrated, and using good skincare and hair care. But along the way, we seem to miss paying proper attention to our eyelashes. Eyelashes need TLC too.

Functions of eyelashes and what compromises your eyelashes

The responsibilities of eyelashes are not only to wear mascara and to look pretty, they also form a defense area around the eyes, helping avoid unwanted fragments from entering the eye – a type of protection barrier.

Your eyelashes continually fall-out

We lose 1 to 5 lashes a day. Although naturally restored, the eyelash growth cycle weans as we age. Eyelashes may become thin, weak and possibly break off.

Many times, heavy mascara adds to the weakening of eyelashes. These are just some of the reasons why it’s so important to keep your lashes healthy, nourished and conditioned.

How do we keep our eyelashes conditioned, help prevent them from becoming weak, falling out and keep them looking young and full?

Diet is one way. Eating foods high in: iron (leafy greens, oysters, red meat and turkey), folic acid (milk, whole grains and legumes) and Vitamin B (yeast and vegetables) all promote health eyelashes.

Topical application is another. LashesMD Eyelash Growth Serum contains ingredients to condition eyelashes and help protect them from environmental damage such as breakage and thinning. LashesMD promotes eyelash strength and nourishment, all while helping eyelashes grow stronger, longer and fuller. We do all of this WITHOUT the use of drugs or prostaglandin analogues...plus, it's great for brows too! Some of our ingredients include:

  • SymPeptide® XLash helps the appearance of length and thickness of eyelashes
  • Panthenol,a derivative of Vitamin B5, properties include moisturization, dryness prevention and soothing of the application area
  • Allantoin used to soothe irritated skin, stimulates cell regeneration and moisturizes dry skin
  • Alfalfa Extract is packed with nutrients – including minerals and vitamins – to help nourish and condition
  • Sodium Hyaluronate helps keep water in the skin maintaining and enhancing the moisture necessary for eyelashes to grow in density and strength
  • Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil aids in treating and preventing dry eyelash follicles – healthy follicles are imperative for eyelash growth and helping keep the eye area moist, avoiding irritation and itchy eyes

LashesMD is specially formulated and pH balanced to be non-irritating to eyes – just the right amount of TLC your lashes need. We love your lashes and want you to love your lashes too!

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Go Ahead, Lash Out!

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