6 Tips to Help Grow Stronger, Healthier, Longer Lashes

6 Tips to Help Grow Stronger, Healthier, Longer Lashes

Posted by LashesMD on Jul 19th 2021

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Yes, there is a way to get longer and thicker eyelashes without a prescription and irritating side-effects. 

Eyes have become vital elements of beauty and many times, contribute to your "perfect" look. In recent years, there has been a spotlight on eyelashes and eyebrows and it looks like the spotlight is dimming anytime soon.

Are you happy with your lashes? Approximately 3-5 eyelashes fall out each day. For lashes to grow back healthier, longer, and stronger, they need proper care including safe and effective options for your eyes.


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Achieve thicker, longer-looking lashes with safe eyelash and eyebrow conditioners that do not contain irritating ingredients, nor do you need a prescription. 

The first step to get longer, thicker lashes is maintenance. Below are 6 simple tips to you can follow to promote its maximum growth and protect them.

Tips to follow:

Stop using waterproof mascara: Many waterproof mascaras are difficult to remove and often dry out lashes. You might lose your lashes while removing it.

Let them breathe: If you’re putting on mascara regularly, then your eyelashes really need to breathe. Keep a stash of eye makeup remover pads with you to remove the stubborn eye makeup.

Gently tug, but don’t rub: When you apply mascara, you feel itching after a few minutes. What do you do? You start to rub your eyes. Never do that, your lash roots are super delicate. Always tug, don’t rub.


Frequently brush your lashes: Occasionally brushing eye lashes promote proper blood circulation and distribution of natural oils along the length of your lashes, stimulates growth and promotes its health.

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Use eyelash conditioner: Clinically proven eyelash conditioner is a popular choice nowadays. They strengthen and moisturize your lashes; help stop lash breakage and protects them from damage. Get longer and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows with no prescription or side-effects in just a few weeks with no eye irritation.


Proper diet: Last, but not the least, a healthy diet! Make sure that you are consuming diets with all the nutrients like lean meat, fish, eggs, beans, and yogurt.

Luxurious lashes on your way! Forget about the artificial eyelash extensions. Get healthier, longer-looking eyelashes  naturally by adapting the procedures mentioned above . Be sure to choose a safe product so that you do not harm one of your most precious assets, your eyes!