About Your Lashes

Lashes are often thought of as a universal sign of beauty. Many of us crave thicker, fuller lashes to make our eyes stand out.

We take care of our hair and scalp, so it looks healthy and full. The eyelashes grow out of follicles, just like our hair! It is important to keep these follicles healthy and strong to grow the best lashes and brows possible!

Lashes also provide a protective function. Lashes are designed to keep debris and dust out of the eye and react when a foreign article gets close to your eye, helping preventing injury and safeguarding your eyes from particles.


Eyelashes go through three distinct phases in their growth cycle: Anagen (active growth), Catagen (transition), and Telogen (resting). The complete life cycle takes between 4 and 11 months.

The Anagen, or growth phase, the lash is connected to the blood supply, nourishing the lashes, helping it grow.

The Catagen phase is a “transition” time for the lashes. Lashes reach their designated length; growth ceases and the follicle get smaller. If an eyelash unnaturally falls out or pulled out during this phase, it won't start growing back and the follicle remains empty until the Anagen phase starts again.

Known as the “Resting & Shedding” Phase, the Telogen phase new hairs begin to gown inside the follicle and natural lashes shedding occurs (we typically lose 3-5 lashes a day)!



Lashes undergo many external (as well as internal) factors that can cause eyelash loss, thin, weak, and shorter eyelashes. Not to mention, dry and brittle lashes that are more apt to break and fall out.

Eyelash problems can occur for several reasons, including:

  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Aggressive use of eyelash curler
  • Rough removal of eye makeup, especially mascara (especially waterproof)
  • Frequent use and removal of false eyelashes
  • Makeup allergies
  • Prolonged use of eyelash extensions

Believe it or not, eyelashes are affected by aging. Lashes undergo the same aging changes that happen to our scalps, lending itself to loss of thickness, weaker and straighter lashes, and lashes may even lose their upward curve. Even more reason to take care of your lashes and brows now!

It’s important to nourish lashes, helping them grow longer, thicker, stronger, and healthier. This is where LashesMD Eyelash Growth Serum & Conditioner comes in.

LashesMD is specifically designed to help the body’s natural eyelash growth function. LashesMD combines SymLash XL®, a multi-tasking peptide, with a blend of botanicals, proteins and rejuvenating amino acids, protecting against breakage, and helping strengthen eyelashes and stimulate thicker, fuller eyelashes.

Active botanicals including Jojoba and Macadamia coupled with Sodium Hyaluronate aid in stimulating growth and increasing eyelash density.

LashesMD is paraben free. It is also prostaglandin free, known to cause redness and/or irritation in the eye area.

LashesMD is used once a day, a nighttime, on clean eyes, sweeping along the lash lines, to help nourish the follicle area.

Within weeks, weeks, your lashes will noticeably improve in the appearance of volume, texture, and density. LashesMD will also help prevent breakage and increase flexibility so that your eyelashes can reach their full potential.


To get the lashes you love, give your lashes a little love! They don’t require much work, but with a little (but the right) care, you’ll end up with healthy, stronger lashes.