Tips for Success

Does applying LashesMD more than once a day or more than the recommended amount increase results? 
No. Use LashesMD only once a day at bedtime. LashesMD is a concentrated serum. Only a small amount is needed in order to achieve optimal results. Overuse could cause irritation.

Can I use LashesMD on both my upper and lower lashes?
Yes. LashesMD is safe for use on both your upper and lower lashes. The amount on the brush is enough for both eyes. No need to re-dip. When applying to lower lashes, be sure to apply underneath your lower lash line. Please make sure to apply LashesMD to the root line of your lashes. Application directly to your lashes will not promote desired results.

What should I do if I miss a day?
Consistency is key. If you should miss an application of LashesMD, just apply LashesMD the next night. DO NOT APPLY A DOUBLE DOSE as this could cause irritation.

How long should I use LashesMD?
With your first vial of LashesMD, we are confident that you will reach your goal of uminous lashes.  We recommend that in order to maintain these results that you continue to use LashesMD three to four times weekly.

What happens if I stop using LashesMD?
If you stop using LashesMD, over time your lashes may return to their original state. Given the short life cycle of lashes generally (three to four months), we recommend continued use in order to maintain your achieved results.

Use in the morning
We recommend using LashesMD once a day at bedtime, after you have removed your eye makeup. However, if you apply LashesMD in the morning, allow at least five minutes before applying your daily facial products. When used as directed, LashesMD should not interfere with mascara use.

Wearing mascara after applying LashesMD 
When used as directed, LashesMD should not interfere with mascara use. However, if you use multiple cosmetic eye products, it is important to thoroughly clean your skin to avoid clogged pores that can cause irritation.

False eyelashes and Extensions
When used as directed, LashesMD is safe for use with false eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

Skin types and skin color
LashesMD is effective on all skin types and skin color.