LashesMD has been so wonderful for rejuvenating my clients brows!  We have used other brands in the past and if hair grew it would come back an odd unnatural color. LashesMD gives my clients fast natural looking results.  We couldn't be more pleased with the results! - Brow Clinic Owner

"Wonderful Product"

LashesMD was not something I sought out to purchase, mainly because I have pretty long and full lashes. When I had the chance to try it I figured hey why not! I started using LashesMD every night before bed after washing off all my makeup. The wand comes out with enough product for both eyes. I would apply it to my top lashes, then the bottoms, and then a small spot on my brows that I just wanted to fill a little. If I ever needed a tiny bit more to get my brows I usually would use a little of what is on the plastic part of the wand so not to re-dipand use too much. After using LashesMD for about 4 weeks I noticed my lashes not falling out as much and my brow spot had filled in. After a full cycle I saw them become a little bit fuller due to the lack of shedding, as stated I started out with lustful lashes already. I stand by this product and its claims, it really does work! A few side notes too, I have been able to compare to other brands. I had no irritation with LashesMD it is very gentle and non-irritating.

Also unlike other brands I had no issues with my lashes growing in strange directions.

LashesMD is a wonderful product which has even more wonderful results! As someone who had not thought it was needed I was highly impressed after using LashesMD.

"I couldn't belive my eyes"

I have had serious eyelash problems from breakage to falling out when removing eye makeup. Out of desperation I started using LashesMD, and after about 2 1/2 weeks I couldn't believe my eyes! I didn't do anything else different so it MUST be LashesMD. Thanks so much!!!

"No darkening of the eyelid"

I have been using LashesMD for a couple of weeks now and really starting to notice a difference. No darkening of the eyelid like I got with...


After using your product for several weeks I noticed a marked improvement in my lashes, but it wasn't until my girl friends started commenting on how much better my eyelashes looked did I become convinced!! I LOVE it!

"Huge difference"

LashesMD has become a must-have for me. I use it without fail every night… it makes a huge difference in the condition of my lashes.