Directions for Use

For best results, please follow directions closely:

  • Apply only once a day at bedtime
  • Cleanse eye area removing all makeup and moisturizers. Pat dry.
  • Apply LashesMD with applicator brush in a thin line at the base of both your upper and lower lashes as though applying eyeliner.
  • The amount on the brush is enough for BOTH eyes. No need to re-dip.
  • Allow a few minutes to dry.
  • Continue with your bedtime regiment.
  • Use sparingly. Very little product is needed for best results and over use could cause irritation.
  • Please make sure to apply LashesMD to the root line of your lashes. Application directly to your lashes will not promote desired results.
  • Avoid getting LashesMD into your eyes. If this should occur rinse with water immediately.
  • Discontinue use if irritation persists.
  • When used as directed, one tube of LashesMD usually lasts approximately three to four months.
  • If you are not sure you are using LashesMD correctly, please contact our customer service department at ‭(855) 409-7546‬ to help you.
More information about using LashesMD safely