Fall and Winter Trends: Lashes Abound

This year beauty trends run the gamut, one more breath-taking than the next.  A constant: lashes are hot.  The unique finding: lashes are it whether the trend calls for mascara or not.

What does this mean for you?  Lashes need to be long, strong and ready for action – regardless if worn bare or a full flutter of mascara.  Take a peek at 2018/2019 Beauty Trends and get your lashes ready with LashesMD!


The Mood: Easy Breezy

How-to: Understated, or in other words the “no makeup-makeup” look is what you after here.  Add a light shade of gloss to the lips – perhaps a whisk of bronzer over the face (and lids) and no mascara.  That’s right, no mascara.  We said it.  Making it even more important to have strong, and thicker, fuller-looking lashes.

                                    The Mood: Lips, please.

How-to: Lips. Lips. Lips. It’s the season of the “Power Lip”. Make it matte, make it dark.Reds, burgundies, purples – the deeper and darker the better.  And again, we see the lack of or a light coating of mascara in this trend .  If there was ever a time to Go Ahead, Lash Out, it’s this one.  With or without mascara, lashes need to be healthy, strong and    vibrant!

The Mood: Make Mine Mod

How-to: Reminiscent of the swinging 60’s, lashes are long, dark and prominent…think butterfly lashes.  Brows are thick and full.  Apply at least 3-4 coats of mascara, shimmering brush as you apply for a “clump” effect.  Allow each coat to dry in-between application.  Don’t forget to apply LashesMD to brows!

The Mood: Rock ‘n’ Rebel

How-to: Apply dark eyeliner around the rim of the eyes – top and bottom.  Smudge slightly.  This look calls for an extra dose of mascara giving the impression the lashes are one with the eyeliner.  If you’re going to wear mascara, this is where you wear a lot of it!

Go Ahead, Lash Out!
xo, LashesMD
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